Soddo Special Delivery    From Dr. Mark and Allison Karnes

A few snapshots of our WRAPS project. Our WRAPS factory is located at Wolaitta Village in Otona. We employ nine women who sew for us. Our logo is on the bottom left. ¬†Our WRAPS kit includes one small purse we call a ‘Mary bag,’ eight colorful washable sanitary pads, one panty and an instruction sheet. This next school year, 2017-18 we will go out to 30 rural schools in the Demat Gele Worada, teaching and distributing WRAPS kits to over 5,000 girls.


Our WRAPS workers have grown so much. They pretty much fill up our living room during our Monday afternoon Bible study. We are working on the book of Acts. Top right: A sample of our African print headbands. Bottom left: Allison with her newest worker, Megdes. Bottom right: Tseganesh, our college junior volunteer. The girls say she is so clever and fast.


Here I am purchasing cloth in the marketplace in Entebbe, Uganda. Aren’t the colors wonderful?




A few scenes from our largest outreach yet: Otona Primary School. The school is very close to our WRAPS factory and was the first mission school in Soddo. It is now a very overcrowded public school.


My Tuesday Bible Study girls modeling their Christmas gift headbands. Top to bottom: our colorful headbands, Sarkalem testing out cloth in the shops, the BS girls.

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